Thursday, December 13, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas Eve, originally uploaded by Dutchdane.

I think I suddenly noticed this week that it's no longer early Autumn and Christmas is just around the corner.

I hate the consumerism of this season, but there is always a point in every run up where the christmas spirit suddenly hits me and I am enthused with the idea of baking spicy cakes and decorating trees and throwing snowballs.

Of course, the reality is that my ears freeze on the way to work (the hats are back out - my new hair is no longer enough protection against the cold) and I get stressed about present shopping.

The other night, in a cab headed through Oxford St, we came to a standstill because of the amount of human traffic thronging down the road, spreading across the pavements and spilling out way past the gutters, all carrying shopping bags and determined expressions.

But last night I grilled the immediate family for their wishlists. And today, on only two websites, I managed to find the lot. In fact, all but one present came from the mighty amazon.

The other website? Blame my mother. She wanted a new pair of brushing boots for her horse. It was an equestrian supplies website, which is just as well, as you don't get many saddlers in central London.

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