Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting to the last page

Today I went to a funeral.

It was the first funeral I've been too where the family left behind are not the grown children and grand children of the deceased, but a young family in their prime, probably wondering when all this is going to stop feeling so unreal. They never expected this to happen.

It was a humanist thing - no prayers, no singing, just personal memories and speeches and prose being read out by close family and friends. Much more intimate and accessible than any service I've ever seen that's been based in some sort of religion.

Our friend Chris told of his trip with Andy across Europe to Asia as part of the London Tashkent Rally that R took part in a few years back. The picture above is of them both, somewhere in Turkey. Andy is on the right. Chris described him as being like a big kid, happy to have a big map book of Europe and even happier to have got to the last page.

It left us feeling lots of things. But most of all, it left us feeling ever more like we need to get on and live our lives, the way we want to, sooner rather than later. Like Andy did.

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