Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hair Story

In looking around the net at hair regrowth stories I stumbled across this wonderful image - a collage of hair regrowth after chemo. Taken every week after her treatment for cancer ended, it was created by a photojournalist called Karin Stack.

It shows just how much 'sticky-uppiness' I have to contend with before my hair will eventually be long enough to just lie down and get back to normal.

According to the sequential ordering, and the timing since my hair started growing, I should be looking like the shot five rows down and one in. About 16-17 weeks then.

So do I? Yes, by comparison I'm doing alright. I look like this today...

It's a rubbish photo, taken moments ago under nasty office lights, but it gives you an idea of progress.

And the funny thing is I get compliments all the time. Not simply 'You're looking better' (which I am, though a holiday glow helps somewhat), but also genuine conviction that I should keep my hair this short as it really suits me.

Now, I'm enjoying having hair that finally looks like an intentional haircut, rather than a medical disability, even if it is greyer and mousier than it ever was before. And I love a bit of flattery. Who doesn't? But I can only ever think if of this style as transient. It makes me feel normal again, but it doesn't make me feel like me yet.

Plus, whenever anyone suggests it looks much better this short when R is around, I feel him tensing up beside me. He's probably terrified I'll be swung by all this flattery and stay boyishly cropped forever.

He needn't fear. It may take a while but I want my mane back just as much as he does.


Kim said...

This is a great picture (of you AND the hair regrowth!). I am going to steal it for my own blog, if that's okay.

anna jarzab said...

Dear Anne-Marie,
I am working with VOICE (an imprint of Hyperion publishers) on marketing a memoir by Kelly Corrigan, a thirty-six-year-old woman whose life was changed forever when she discovered a lump in her breast. Kelly’s breast cancer diagnosis was quickly followed by her father’s own late-stage cancer. After reading your blog, I thought this book might be of interest to you, and I would love to send you a copy for review or discussion on your website. Please feel free to contact me at for more information.
Best wishes,
Anna Jarzab

HelĂ´ said...

You do deserve compliments!
But it's a personal thing: I kept my hair very short for a long time before I had chemo, so when it started to grow again, very soon I felt like me again (although it came so curly I thought of a little lamb every time I looked at myself on the mirror...)
Keep strong!
big hug

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Thanks for the compliments people. Kim - the 'hair story' pic is not mine - but you can see from the credit who it is from and if you google Karin's name, you'll find the original source for it...

Anna - thanks for your interest. Yes please, and I will email you to sort it out.

Helo, my little lamb, my lamb's tails are getting more unruly and ever more GREY! Just booked in for a vegetable dye/organic colour in two days time though so will be excited about that!