Saturday, December 01, 2007

Port out, Starboard home

Today, exactly eight months to the day since my lumpectomy, I went under the knife again, with the same surgeon, to have my portocath removed.

And I got to keep it.

The titanium encased valve that's been sitting under my skin since the first of May is finally out. The white tube you can see above wound around and into my jugular vein. Getting the drugs right to where it matters.

Once this scar heals I'll be able to sleep on my front again, should the mood ever take me.

I could have left it in apparently. You can leave these things in for several years if you want to. Made me consider taking up smack, for a moment, just to take advantage of the technology inside my body. Then when I realised I probably wasn't cut out for a heroin habit, either financially or psychologically, and decided to have it out.

Its removal feels like yet another bookend to this whole sorry saga. Another line drawn underneath the whole thing.

I may turn it into a bizarrely macabre yet triumphant piece of jewellery.

Get thee behind me cancer.

1 comment:

Marie said...

Eww, how morbidly interesting. I vote for a necklace.