Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Out with the old

So, as a bona fide blogger now I feel I ought to do a post summing up something of last year. But it sort of speaks for itself. It was pretty bad.

I started out the year waking up, en route to the Sahara, in a small ex-Spanish enclave in Southern Morocco. Rich and I spent New Year's Day taping our team name on to the windscreen of the 18 year old Fiesta which we then went on to drive to Djenne, a mud town near Timbuctou.

When I entered 2007 I did not have fixed expectations of the year. I certainly did not expect many of the things that happened to happen.

I did not expect to be getting job offers from Uganda (hurrah!) and I did not expect to be getting a disease that would change all of that, and change me, forever (boo!).

I started the year simply hoping that we would be happy and find a way to spend more time together.

Well, I got my wish. In a funny, sort of round-about way.

We certainly got to spend more time together.

And in a strange way, even though the emotions can sometimes still sideswipe me, I am more happy. I have a much better idea of what I want from life. When we saw that job advert for Uganda in January 2007, we definitely took it seriously when we applied. And retro-checking it against our own personal wishlists for life did reveal that it ticked pretty much all our boxes.

But there was an element of whimsy in it.

Now I know what I want.

I want to stay healthy.
I want to chase a lifestyle, not a paycheck.
I want to be with R.

It's simple really when you think about it.

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