Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Seasonal Message

This morning, the commute into work was blissfully empty of people. I managed to get a seat on the 8.30am train.

And as if having read yesterday's post, the queue of us unhappy commuters waiting for the ticket machine were heckled by a woman as she passed us on the pavement.

"We're all off to earn pots of money! We're all off to earn pots of money!" she shouted as she passed.

"Money! Money! Money! Pots of Money!" she chanted as we climbed the stairs to the station platform, clutching our free copies of the Metro newspaper.

I could see people around me thinking, Well, I don't earn that much so what I am really doing here anyway?

I suddenly felt part of the herd again.

So, as a short term solution, I'll get back on the bike again tomorrow. Even if it's going to be -8 celsius out with forecasts of snow.

And in the long term, watch this space...

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