Saturday, February 16, 2008


About time we did a hair update, though it's probably the last 'conscious' one I'll do as my hair is normal again. Not back to my kind of normal - that won't happen for a couple of years - but at least I don't feel like I need to excuse it's freakish shortness anymore.

So, here is where we were in mid December. Starting to fin up in the middle of my head but otherwise, still very pixie short... (but recently died so not a grey hair in sight).

And here is late Jan, looking a bit annoyed. But you can see the hair is longer, and more wayward with it.

And finally, earlier today, here's a shot of me looking like I've stuck my fingers in a socket. It doesn't normally stand up quite as shockingly as this, but if I don't tame it with wax this is what I look like.

I mentioned to R the other day that if i didn't watch out, I'd end up like Struwelpeter. He had no idea who I meant. Here's a picture to jog your memory but those with continental parentage will definitely recall this warped character who never cut his hair or his nails.


Marie said...

That Struwwelpeter guy is kind of frightening. A pal of mine showed me that a few years ago.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

They are great stories. And would never get past the Disneyfied health and safety filter applied to today's kids' books.

If you ever get a chance, go see the adaptation of it for the stage. It's one of the most surreal things you'll ever see in a theatre.

Irene Henning said...

"(but recently died so not a grey hair in sight)."

Dear Anne-Marie - I hope you mean "recently dyed" because you're still very much with us!

Hair looks good. I used a cold cap so didn't lose too much hair, but stand in admiration for those of you who went the whole hog.


Dr Jude said...

You're about to hit the most difficult stage of growing hair - I know because i'm constantly going from your current length to shoulder length and back again when I decided shoulder length isn't for me after all.

The only hope: plenty of bobby pins and slap on that wax. And I keep holding onto that one parting comment from my fabulous Williamsburg hairdresser that I sadly had to leave behind: just get it past the ears!