Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Kiki Dee

My little sister, six years younger than myself, is somewhere on an island in the Pacific turning 29.

It's weird. When it's your birthday and people you love are away, or you are away from them, you don't miss them. It's nice to hear from them but you're upbeat, doing your thang, having lots of attention paid to you, so you barely notice their absence.

I know, I've spent birthdays away before.

But today, I've really missed my sister. Possibly because it's just that she's the one that is away, and not the other way around, but I left the house this morning and could not stop thinking about her en route to work. The first song on my ipod reminded me of a gig we took our little brother to this time last year. The sun was shining. I would have been calling her to update her on my various bits of health shenanigans. But she wasn't there.

I even tried to text her old mobile number, to wish her a happy birthday, just in case she had turned it on to 'receive' any messages wherever she was. I sent a message. It failed to leave my phone and the error beep sounded brash and vulgar in the packed train carriage.

So happy birthday Kiki Dee*.

I can't send you a card, or a text, or call you. But I know you'll be having an amazing time, wherever you are.

*Not entirely her real name.

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