Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Legal Once Again

R has been tending to my bike.

The CG is much neglected by me, tending to rust over the winter and look forlornly at shinier and bigger bikes at the lights.

R replaced my tax disc holder (no mean feat: they make these things so unthievable he had to take the old one off with an angle grinder - is a £15 tax disc really so desirable on the black market?), topped up oil, stuck a bit of instant gasket over the bit where the oil is leaking, refixed the front L plate and bought and fitted a new battery. Earlier last week he'd already fixed the clutch cable adjustor in place with cable ties (the bodger's friend) and fiddled with the electrics to fix the left indicator which was getting increasingly slow on the uptake...

So now, for the first time in months, everything on my bike works, all the time, and I'm properly legal again with visible tax discs and L plates both ends. Don't mistake me for a tax avoider - I had paid my tax - I just had taken to carrying the disc around in my pocket with me when I rode the bike because even the mighty Halfords didn't have a tool to fit the blasted tax disc holder.

(In fact, it cost me £15 to tax the bike and a further £18.95 to buy a new tax disc holder to put it in because the old one, fitted by the previous owner, was so stupidly designed.)

I'm now so legal and functional I went ahead and booked my test.

So I face the big bike test again on the 10th March. Well, the medium sized bike test that I can do on my own bike and still get to qualify on to big bikes after two years of holding the 'medium' sized license.

I was due to sit it last year on 11 April. But ended up being too busy getting cancer to sit it.

Lets hope I actually get to the test centre this year.

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