Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My friend Brian

I do hate those endless facebook requests from people who are just trying to "Find out who has a secret crush on you!" (I fell for that one) or "X wants you to take part in the name that movie quote quiz!".

X is not really that bothered about whether or not I take part in some stupid quiz. They're merely reacting to the fact that they need to tick a certain number of invitees and my name begins with A so I'm nice and prominent.

But today a friend begged me to buy a pet at some virtual zoo because it would earn her enough points to buy some pet food.

(What do people do with their time all day?)

But, she's come up trumps. Rather than merely be some facebook tamagotchi, this has real purpose.

Well, to be honest it is a facebook equivalent of tamagotchi but it has a HIPPO!

So, I adopted him and called him Brian. And bought him a natty moustache to wear.

As you do...

My Haikoo(SM) Zoo pet, Brian

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