Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Double Headache

Woke up with a dirty great migraine. Now that I know that's what they are I can officially languish in bed feeling sorry for myself. So I did. Mostly.

By lunchtime the head was clearing so I stirred and decided to get some of the remaining cleaning chores done prior to awaiting my third gas safety engineer who was due at 4pm (the first one was due last Tuesday, never turned up; the second was due last night but rang 30 mins after he should have been here to say he wasn't going to make it after all - what is it with this bunch?).

As the gas man was coming I thought I'd take the chance to pull the oven out and clean behind it, clean the hob and all it's parts, clean the oven shelves and the grill tray and finally, Mr Muscle the whole damn grill and oven. The Mr Muscle did not help my lingering headache, but eventually, the thing was done and looked better than ever. It had taken me three hours.

Thirty minutes later and the oven has failed it's gas safety certificate. It appears that the ignition button, should your cooker have one, should work. Mine has never worked. Admittedly, it's an inherited cooker, but it has always been spark-less, so I simply use one of those ignitor gadgety things.

Apparently that's not good enough. Apparently, if you're blind you could mistake the ignition switch for a working button and think that you had lit the gas when all you had done was set the scene for a Sylvia Plath-like end.

(Never mind the fact that the couple I'm renting the flat to have their sight...)

Apparently, rather than try and fix the ignition switch which is terribly complicated and will probably only break again by the time it comes round to the next gas safety cert due this time next year, I should instead spend £180 on a new cooker which does not have a built in ignition system as it seems they only ever go wrong.

A new cooker which has to be bought, delivered and installed by Friday evening.

Double headache, straight between the eyes.

Oh ho ho, ho ho. This landlording business is such fun.

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