Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Postponed, Again

This time last year I was due to sit my bike test. Then I had to have a lumpectomy and riding the bike in test conditions with one arm that I couldn't yet lift of it's own accord did not really feel like a good idea.

So I cancelled the test.

I rebooked it recently when I knew we were leaving again. (Sometimes I think I would never actually do anything if I didn't have a deadline).

I was due to sit it on Monday morning at 9.07am.

Since last Friday, the media have been hyping the Big Storm Of The Winter, due to hit the South East of Britain on, you guessed it, Monday morning.

I got ready on Monday morning for the 40 min journey down there, listening all the while to the rain lashing the window and the wind whistling around the flat. All my gear was on, I'd even packed a spare pair of gloves for when I got to the test centre and had to wring the first pair out. As the clock hit 8am and the test centre opened I dialled their number.

Of course, they had taken the decision to postpone all the bike tests that day, just as I knew they would. This is the satellite image from 7am Monday morning...

I was secretly relieved. After the whirlwind of the last few weeks, I felt like I'd barely had time to prepare myself mentally. And the weather really had put me off - driving rain, winds of up to 85mph - you try doing a controlled U turn in that and not putting your foot down!

I got a letter through yesterday from them saying my new test is now next Wednesday morning at 8.10. Lets hope the weather picks up for this one.

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