Saturday, April 12, 2008

Africa From The Air II

After leaving the parchedness of central Ethiopia, the brown earth remains but rivers start to appear. Or riverbeds. They don't appear to be that full of water at the moment...

This large river snaked under us as we were served a light snack by the Emirates airline crew. A Chicken Tikka and Lettuce roll with a cheesecake and cheese and biscuits to follow, accompanied by any free drink of your choice (except champagne... they actually charge you for that). The calm and comfortable plane environment felt at odds with the lives that might be played out below us.

The river then found an outlet - one of the large lakes on the Northern Kenya / Southern Ethiopia borders. A look on the map suggest it may be Lake Turkana.

And here's an island seen in the middle of Lake Turkana. If my Lonely Planet East Africa serves me correctly, it's Central Island National Park. Rising from the depths of Lake Turkana, it features a volcano in it's centre which has thankfully been inactive for three decades. It's a Unesco World Heritage Site and it's lakes are full of Nile Crocodiles...

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