Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here's What You Could Have Had

Our initiation into how the Kampala operation works is almost complete. So now we are off, bright and early tomorrow, accompanying three minibuses of tours, all the way to Murchison Fall National Park in the North of the country.

Up there, Red Chilli has a sister operation - Red Chilli Rest Camp - a site typified by safari tents and several small brick built bandas (detached little two or three room bungalows).

We're looking forward to it. We've heard so much about this place. And not just because it's our 'sister' site.

It was the place we were going to be working, this time last year.

It was the job we had to turn down a month before we were due to be flying out there, because of my sudden and unexpected diagnosis with breast cancer in late March 2009.

So it will be strange to go up there tomorrow, when a year ago we'd imagined ourselves living there, managing that camp, when we're actually now living in Kampala, managing the main operation here.

It's not envy, or bitterness. Far from it.

In fact, getting the job in Kampala suits us down to the ground. For a start it's not leaning towards 50 degrees every lunchtime, we have electricity 24 hours (most of the time) and I just bought some mouthwash and some soy sauce down the shops. I couldn't do that in Murchison.

And this won't be our only trip there. We'll pop up from time to time to cover J&T's time off (the Murchison Managers).

The feeling I have is more a strange sensation of false familiarity, a little like deja vu.

Murchison is the place we spent two months fantasising about, and then nine months trying to forget.

And who could forget it, when it looks like this?

It's just great to be here at all, in so many ways.

And to be living in a little oasis of greenery and calm within spitting distance of the city, but with the ability to go 'up country' occasionally, is just perfect.


Marie said...

It's much better to be in Kampala and visiting the bush once in a while rather than v.v. It's all worked out and you got a cool new haircut out of the deal.

Kai said...


So glad to hear you finally made it to Uganda. Loved the story of Rich walking on the borderline of German bureaucracy and Africa. Two worlds, no intersection whatsoever.

Enjoy Murchison, can`t wait for more pictures. Chris and I are aiming at late Nov, early Dec. Guess what: Even The Tank considers climbing on plane once more...

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Watch the blog for a photo of Celsius proudly beaming with his new book. I think he is the man of the village now, with his name in a book an'all....

Sorry it's taken so long to publish comments. Must be my lack of german efficiency! I don't allow auto publishing because you get quite a lot of spam comments. But yours are always welcome.


Marie said...

Wonderful!! I can't wait. I hope you are having a fantastic adventure. Thank you so much for delivering that.