Saturday, April 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This is our new abode. The Management Cottage. Down the bottom of the "new" compound, this is the last of ten two bed cottages that sit either side of a long drive, surrounded by tropical plants and lush grass borders.

The monkey troop seems to hang out down here on cool afternoons. But they didn't appear for me when I went walkabout with the camera so no photos today.

But the goat posed nicely for me. This is the nanny goat. The billy goat is quite agressive and headbuts people if they antagonise him. The billy goat was won by Hennie, another Manager here, in a sort of derby day goat-racing event. Apparently it's due to take place again in August and as he has full intentions of winning another goat, we'll have to find a pot big enough to fit the current goat in.

And we have some interesting trees in the gardens of the place. This is a tree in the main compound, bursting with massive avocadoes. Further down the garden is a jack fruit tree - the big smelly fruit well known in these parts. We've yet to try it but have earmarked a slice next time one ripens...

And here's work. The office is just behind all the frantically typing guests, trying to use the free internet before the electricity dies!


Marie said...

Nice digs!

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Thanks! Btw, after all that hassle getting another copy of your book to bring out for Celsius, there was already a copy of Dik-Dik in the RC office here at Kampala.

Up to Murchison tomorrow for a week (and overlapping with someone in the bookings sheet called Pernille - got to be the same one I'm guessing) so I will deliver your copy to him then!

(Though apparently he recently rewired the plugs to the fridges in a novel way which almost caused a fire....hmmmm).

Dr Jude said...

COOL!!! I can't wait to get there. Gonna start looking at flights to Uganda immediately, although I won't be able to do it till after December what with my conferences and teaching schedule.

These places look a lot like some I've seen in Namibia and are making me feel very homesick.

Marie said...

Wonderful Yeah, he does struggle a fair bit.

He will probably be baffled. (He's kind of quiet) It's been a LONG time since I was there now. Middle of 2005! I'm chuffed that there was a copy of the book there! Thank you for taking it along.