Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nomad, no problem

I have recently become homeless, bikeless, carless. Now, finally, I am jobless too.

This shedding of possessions and responsibility brings with it a certain feeling of lightness. I am back to living out of bags and off my wits.

A nomadic existence can be very freeing. It's not that it has its downsides, but the opposite can be far more stifling. Living in the lap of London luxury, racking up the new 'things' on a weekly, monthly basis. I was never a fan of waste and over the last few years, the rise of sites like freecycle have helped me get quite 'responsible' by London standards. But I still have several mountains of clothes that are pretty excessive and will lie, unused, in boxes for the indefinite future. Unless, like the time I was living in Turkey, a mouse decides to make a nest by chewing right through my expensive winter coats.

So here's to paring down, and paring down again. I'm not some new age hippy, but I do recognise that a girl only needs so many pairs of black shoes.

Even if some of them are works of art.

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