Thursday, April 24, 2008

Playing Postie

A year ago, when we were due to go out and work at Red Chilli Rest Camp, up in Murchison Falls, a bit of judicious googling led me to discovering that a fellow blogger had lived right behind the camp for a few months back in 2005.

Marie Javins had lived there whilst writing up her first travel book on crossing Africa and used to head over to the Red Chilli bar for a cold soda at the end of the day. She befriended a man called Celsius, appropriately named for being the chief electrician for the park. He told her folk tales, amongst other stories, one of which ended up in her book "Stalking the wild Dik-Dik".

When she and I started to exchange emails about living in Uganda, she asked me if I wouldn't mind delivering a copy of her book to Celsius when I got to Murchison.

Well, here he is, proud as punch to discover he is actually in a book.

It may be a year later than planned but Celsius finally got his delivery, just like I finally got to Uganda.

More on our week in Murchison soon, and other aspects of Ugandan life. It's just finding the time right now!

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Marie said...

I am so grateful to you for delivering that. I wish I'd thought to send along some comic books for camp kids!