Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Famous For Fifteen Minutes

Ten days or so ago, Rich and I represented Red Chilli at an off-road driving event that was held in aid of the Chimp Sanctuary on Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria.

The event was held at a specially designed off-road driving training area, and we had a whale of a time. We slid through mud-holes, bumped through potholes, screeched round corners, drove up near-vertical hills, and balanced a fully-grown Landrover on a giant see-saw. And all through this we miraculously never got stuck once.

It was great.

What was even more great was our then winning a prize at the end of the day.

Not for being any good, you understand.

But for being enthusiastic and well brought up (we thanked all the marshals politely at the end of each event and played by the rules at every turn).

We get to go back and have a free one-day off road training course by the professionals. Which given our natural interest in mucking about in cars was very welcome, even if it was for being class swots of the day.

And what was even greater was getting a call from a colleague three days later.

"You're famous."


We were the car pictured in The New Vision's coverage of the off-road event. Check out the white landy on the left. That's us.

If you squint really, really hard.... you still can't see us through the windscreen.

But it is us, I swear.

Look, here we are again, in colour!

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Steve said...

Man I love your life. Abt to book tickets for December. Looking forward to it. :-)