Saturday, May 24, 2008

A typical day?

Running a backpacker's lodge in Kampala is quite different to most things I've done before but less strange than some.

Less strange than sourcing whole cod with heads on in the Uk for a photo shoot. Could you get fish with the heads still on them in the over-sanitised world of the modern day supermarket? Not back in 1998 before Jamie Oliver et al made whole fish cool again.

Less strange than having to interrupt a well-known chef from his frequent sojourns to the lavatory in between takes on an ad shoot. Weak bladder? I don't think so. Not with all the frantic sniffing going on...

Less strange than interviewing bingo players around the country on why they enjoy the game.

I could go on.

But this job does have it's moments.

We've split up fights between staff. We've fired someone for spreading malicious gossip about someone else being a prostitute (when they weren't...). We've barbecued a goat. We've been woken up by hippos. We've chased off monkeys. We've shared an office with a goat, and a pregnant one at that. We've travelled on boda bodas, in matatus and driven our selves around in the landrover. We've had to warn people against stealing. We've made a badminton court. We've mended safari tents. And I've learnt a few new moves in excel...

A typical day does have it's routine. But it also has plenty of the above thrown in when you least expect it.

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