Monday, May 26, 2008

Wobbly Moggy

We're getting a cat.

What's more, we're getting a cat with only three legs.

The local Muzungu supermarket of choice, the monolithic Shoprite down at the Lugogo Mall, has a noticeboard where ex-pats advertise house sales, cars etc and so on. When people leave the country they shed belongings. We're new and don't seem to have enough belongings.

So every time we go we study the board.

And we weren't planning to get a cat. But when we saw an ad for a three-legged cat that needed a new home ("and was a very good hunter, despite having only three legs") we just knew we had to have him.

Panda, as he is currently known, comes to us in early July, just before his current family leave the country.

We want to rechristen him with a name more uniquely him and have come up with two possible names.

Bent or Wobbly.

There is something quite hard-nosed and streetwise about Bent, but Wobbly is quite cute.

Votes or post your own suggestions on a comment please!

(Please note, the picture is not actually of Panda/Bent/Wobbly, but is of a similarly afflicted but hopefully far more savage moggy).

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