Monday, May 26, 2008

You Can't Handle The Truth

We have a really interesting guest staying at the moment. She is a writer, who has been travelling around Africa for the last couple of months, interviewing people from all walks of life for a project she has created called uTruth.

The idea is to find personal statements of universal truth from all sorts of different people, be they profound, inane, funny, or sad.

Her website can be found here, and she plans to compile the best contributions into a book.

Most people have worked really hard to contribute a statement that has great meaning, and many are very spiritual or religious in nature.

She has asked Rich and I to contribute, which sadly means we will bring down the tone with a couple of silly statements from our particular worldview... But I think she genuinely doesn't mind, and is looking for all sorts of comments.

Which is just as well.

(I shall link to our posts on her site once we have made them...)

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