Monday, June 09, 2008

Death Of A Nissan

It's a sad day. My ex-car has ceased to be.

It is an ex-ex-car.

R and I got the Nissan off freecycle last autumn, and replaced my old Peugeot with it. We donated my Peugeot to two friends due to take it on some madcap banger rally, some time soon and happily clocked up some miles on the Nissan.

We felt momentarily guilty, enyoying it's relative modernity. The Nissan was a year younger than the Peugeot and much flasher. The car was quieter, better built, with switches that worked, a glove compartment that didn't fall open when you went over bumps, and doors that went clunk in that deep, secure-sounding, reassuring way. The Peugeot had rattled and tinkled on it's way. The Nissan hummed.

We had planned, as much as we ever plan, to drive it until it's next MOT and then take it on a banger rally. Maybe Russia, to see the eclipse, or maybe Africa again.

Then we got the call and the offer of a job in Uganda. Even if we thought it would make Uganda, we didn't have a viable route and most importantly, we didn't have the time. It would take at least a month - a month we would rather have spent painting, renting flats, working out notice etc.

So we couldn't take it with us.

We found the Nissan a happy new owner in our friend Ray. He is a friend through banger rallies and always has at least three cars in various states of dismantlement about his property. Back in March, when we were negotiating new owners for our vehicles, he owned an ageing Landrover, an old shell of a Minor, a Trabant, and was also babysitting a Ford Transit van for a friend. What use would he have of a Nissan Sunny, a relatively mundane vehicle by comparison?

He'd recently met and got engaged to a non-driver. A non-driver he was busy trying to teach how to drive. A non-driver who didn't particularly relish the idea of learning to drive in the various decrepit but characterful vehicles Ray preferred to drive himself.

So what better car to learn in than a 1992 Nissan Sunny? Cherry-red nonetheless...

It is sad then, that we learn of the Nissan's ultimate demise.

Driven into the back of something, very hard by the look of it. The front of the car is crushed, and in Ray's words, "I was tempted to get a few big hammers out and see if it could be saved... however there's just 2 weeks MOT left and the fuel tank is empty so there isn't really any good reason to try!".

Before you think he's being too hasty, this was a car that was going to need a lot of spurious welding done pre-MOT. Despite being posher than the Peugeot, the thing was badly rusting away around the rear wheel arches.

And so, rust, running into the back of someone, and an empty fuel tank have combined to write the death warrant for this valiant little car.


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