Monday, July 21, 2008

Big Pink Caravan Of Love

Guess what just turned up?

Two massive big pink buses called 'The Pink Caravan'. Originally from Sweden, these buses (and more like them around the world) offer Scandanavians the chance to tour exotic lands in style.

In big pink style.

Given my former status as a Pink Lady, driving a much smaller but equally pink van all the way from London to The Gambia, I enjoyed the sight of these truck pitching up.

(The driver told me the traffic in Kampala had been really good to him on the way through this afternoon. I reckoned it might have been the colour. Even the most bloody-minded of Kampala's matatu drivers might hesitate in shock and awe long enough to let an overland bus driver pull out at a junction.)


Duny said...

hh, did see one of these when randomly looking out of my window in Slovakia just now. Immediately caught my attention :))

Anonymous said...

just saw two pink buses while looking out of my office window in Miraflores Lima - Peru

Discovery on Safari said...

We bumped into these two pink beauties in QENP earlier this year! You never forget that!!

Anonymous said...

just saw two of these buses in Nairobi kenya on ngong road. wow

Anonymous said...

saw to in nairobi kenya ngong road

Beryl Anyango said...

just saw two pink buses when i was on my way to work and i got interested to visit their website just to see what is their mission