Friday, July 04, 2008

Feels Like Home Again

In the last week, I have made two international journeys in excess of 24 hours travel time, driven halfway across England and back, gained a three legged cat in Uganda whilst I was gone, made a speech in front of 80 people, watched a best friend get very happily married, and got back to find my boyfriend may become a local radio DJ in his spare time.

Now I'm three days back into the swing of Red Chilli life and it feels (in a good way) like I never left.

Before leaving for the UK, I suddenly got pangs of concern.

What about the craft stall we are trying to set up with some Acholi women who are making paper beaded necklaces but have nowhere to sell their wares?

What about the new chef and barperson we need to recruit?

What about sourcing some outsize tupperware for the kitchen to use when they freeze the big batches of sauces, lasagnes, curries, carrot burgers and other staple dishes now that they have a big new freezer to fill up?

What about our ongoing quest to find new, safari-style tents so we can add to our bed count and stop having to turn people away? (We've been full pretty much every night since late May and our trips to Murchison are now booking almost a month ahead).

What about our training the dog's to accept their collars and come for a walk every day? Would R be able to persuade them out the gate without having an extra pair of hands to push/pull them to their well-meaning fate?

And what about the goat? Our lovely pregnant she-goat called Dave? Would she give birth to little goatlets without me? The thought was terrible.

About a month ago, her udders started to swell. "She's ready to drop" we all said.

About two weeks ago, we would find her scratching around in the dirt, trying to make little hollows to nest in. "Any time soon" we all said.

So here I am back from the UK and three days into working here again. After some interviews today we now have a really promising new bar person starting Monday, and a good candidate coming in for a chef's interview.

Two new massive tents have been bought, albeit nylon not canvas, but they were on a deal and are already fully booked for the next few nights and filling up fast thereafter.

The dogs now come running when we pick up their leads and I find one of them, the more needy, insecure hound of the two, waiting outside our front door for us to emerge in the mornings.

The three-legged cat is settling in, and we still can't work out whether to stick with his old name, Panda, or to switch to the new one, Bent. So he's sort of "Panda-Bent" at the moment, in limbo between names.

As for the goat, she's still waddling around, looking uncomfortably fat.

No goatlets yet it seems, but otherwise, I definitely feel right back at home.


Wolf996 said...

Nice to hear that things are starting to feel like "normal" for you. Something that can't be easy with R :-)

Steve said...

are we still good for week before Xmas,,, busting my ass for 'naked uganda project' and realize I haven't checked in with you yet

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Mr Wolf, R has been speculating as to who you may be and ever since I moved continents I can't get into my sitemeter account to spy on my readers so I can't tell. He's assuming you know him. I'm assuming you may just as well be a complete stranger and simply have realised from the contents of this blog quite how abnormal (in a good way, mostly) life with him could be. Alternatively you could be a scary fairy tale like character with lots of teeth.

And as for you Steve we are still very good for week before Xmas. You may overlap with my sister, so I probably cannot offer you the spare room, but I am absolutely here for fun and frolics around then, and the more the merrier I say.

Have you thoughts on accommodation yet? We can offer you clean and functional self-catering cottages here, but you'd better book fast as they are filling up. Alternatively a boutique hotel in town may be more your style. Let me know if you want some help / recommendations / me to reserve something for you.


Anti Spam said...

Well, R is correct. I have known him about 16 years or so.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

So how's life with you then you, and I quote from my partner and colleague here, "you Porsche-driving New Jerseyite" (I've substituted the word R used with New Jerseyite otherwise the blog would be bluer than normal).

He's quite relieved actually. He thought you may be a stalker...

When you coming over?

Anti Spam said... got me :-)

Coming over might be some time, but one day...

Steve said...

drop me your e-mail address again (I know I ought to have it) and we can arrange dates and accommodation. Cottage sounds great. Wanna book flights and stuff this week.