Saturday, July 19, 2008

Super Star DJ

One of the weird things about Africa is that it really is the new land of opportunity.

It shows in some of the ex-patriate types you get in Kampala, who run mini-empires in whatever industry they decided they fancied a pop at. Some of them have a genuine skill and talent for their chosen field, whereas a scarily sizeable proportion of them wouldn't last a minute 'back home'.

At it's most dangerous, Africa is a tempting playground for expats to indulge their whims.

And we are no different.

For while we do have, mostly, suitable CVs and good experience for doing the jobs we do, there is no way on earth we could claim to be well-qualified for jobs as Radio DJs.

Thanks to no more than us showing an interest and willing to give up some of our free time every week, we will be starting a new sideline career here as radio DJs. On a local station called Touch FM. With a slot every Saturday from 4-6pm.

Well, to be more exact R will be the main DJ. I am taking on a role as his Producer, Posse, Sidekick, whatever you want to call it.

Mainly because he is the biggest music fascist and would not let me near the music choice.

And because I'm good at ordering him around. When he lets me.

So, super-star DJ status awaits. Just as soon as manning the faders becomes second nature.

Given that the last time I was in front of a mixing desk was at University studying radio journalism when they still used reel to reel technology, it may be some time before we're allowed to go live. But we can dish out autographs early if you want to be first in the queue.


Marie said...

That's great! Maybe you can put up a podcast of one.

Bette said...

You amaze me.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

The podcast theory should be doable - just I'd probably have to use the station's internet connection to upload it - there is no way I'd get it up on our connection here.

There's three computers on our 100kps line here in the office, plus two guests on the PCs outside and 3 or 4 laptops hijacking the wireless. Legitimately.

But I struggle to get the bandwith to upload a thumbnail 170kb pic some days!

Bette - I've read your blog, I know your music tastes. R has already decided you're cool because you and Wally met at a Pixies gig. You could clearly DJ too. With karaoke moments over the best tracks....

Thx for the support ladeez

ida b. said...

What's the word on the goat? Has she dropped that kid yet?

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Hello Ida!
The goat is still waddling around, looking larger and more uncomfortable than ever. At this rate the bets are moving from twins to triplets, and we reckon (goat experts that we are) any day now.
There were some USPCA volunteer trainee vets staying here on and off over the last month and even they were convinced that she would pop whilst they were here. But they left to fly to Rwanda this afternoon and still no sign of goatlets.
It can't be long now...