Wednesday, July 23, 2008

True Blue Baby

I promised you we had started to feed a stray cat, which was actually blue, and I wasn't lying.

Here he is in all his blueness.

Latest theory, courtesy of the USPCA vet (who was told about him, not shown him - picking him up would be ambitious - he can be vicious!) is that he may have been trapped in a store room or something somewhere when the owners fumigated the place, and the insecticide, or whatever may have been used, turned his coat blue.

Poor thing.

Not sure our adoption plan with him is working very well either. Panda tried to jump him the other night when he poked his head through the door for a look, and most importantly, when R had been gently stroking him, perfectly happily for a few minutes, he suddenly took a swipe at him and hooked a chunk of finger.

But we can at least try and feed him up, even if he doesn't want to be adopted full time...

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