Sunday, September 07, 2008

Two Unexpected Guests

Tonight we walked the dogs for a long way.

We left at about 6pm, wandered past a couple of stray goats that had escaped their plots and were dragging their ropes behind them as they caused havoc crossing the road.

Hmmmph we thought.

Those goats are going to get run over.

Then we turned down the hill past the petrol station, leaving someone else's goats behind us, crossed over the road, past the car wash and the rubbish heaps, along the track past a car set up with speakers and a keyboard and a couple of very bad gospel singers and beyond the football pitch. We turned right and headed to Bugolobi through the back streets of local bars, past shacks with small children sitting in the dirt in front, over a rickety bridge made out of nailed together planks of wood, (the dogs looking askew at us as they crossed - You want me to walk over this shit?) and then through a highly contrasting neighbourhood of high walls, security guards and wrought iron gates.

We turned around and headed back down into the swamp valley, through the maize plots, on hardended crusts of earth that line the ditches and irrigation alleys, then turned left and jumped over or through the stream depending on whether we were human or canine, and climbed up the hill back to the football pitch, the game now dwindling in the twilight, and back towards home past the gospel singers.

All of this took nearly two hours.

It was getting dark.

When we turned into the road leading to Red Chilli the goats were still there. Perfectly happy but bound to get themselves run over or stolen under cover of darkness. Their owners were nowhere to be seen.

I handed Jimmy's lead to Rich and picked up the dangling rope of one of the goats.

A local guy helped by picking up the rope of the other one.

We've taken them in for the night. Two male goats have joined us as guests of Red Chilli for tonight. Tomorrow we're going to get the guards to secure them on the other side of the gate. The local guy who helped us, and our staff, will put the word out locally. We hope to reunite these goats with their owner.

In the meantime, I do hope they will pay us for bed and board by impregnating our two lady goats.

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