Thursday, January 15, 2009

Radio Ga-Ga

I have lots to tell from our two weeks off and various adventures and misadventures up and down the country but:

a) all my photos are on my hard disk at home
b) for other, confidential reasons, some stories are best left untold. For now.

Until then feast your eyes on the faces for radio that are Slick Dick and Dorothy Spank.

You may remember that Rich signed up to do a once a week radio show, beaming out to all of Kampala, and some of Jinja, on 95.9 on Touch FM. He practised for months. I stood behind him and pointed a bit. And then we were allowed live on air.

It seems that the only rule was "Don't swear on air, or play a record with any swearing in it". If we do, the station can lose it's broadcasting license. Seeing as all I do is write and read the celebrity gossip news, I would be okay. Unless I actually wrote any swearing into my bits, I should be fine.

But Rich has to concentrate very hard not to say anything dodgy when he's having a rant about various things, or indeed when he's playing the music. Luckily he knows his music pretty well, so there have been moments where he's played a track, only to have to hover over the decks, waiting for the moment of cursing and quickly dip the faders on it to avoid causing our radio career to be the most short lived in history.

However bad swearing is, it seems innuendo is fine. We were only a week into training in the practice studio when we stumbled across two jingles that you wouldn't get away with in the UK:

Touch FM. Playing sexy tunes that will keep your knob still.
Touch FM. Playing tunes that will make your boobs drop off.

I can see the double entendre in the first one, what with the FM dial knob etc, but the second one is still quite gratuitous and odd, whichever way you look at it.

Our first broadcast was mid October last year. For which we needed to decide upon a radio name each.

Rich's Slick Dick was born out of the process of him being trained in the 'cheesy DJ' style, i.e. actually being slick, and yet him wanting to do a calmer, less Smashey and Nicey and more John Peel style of delivery. As some of you may remember John Peel playing records at the wrong speed, you'll know he was not known for his technical brilliance. So, in the early days of learning the decks, R would forget to bring up a fader in time, or play a jingle over the top of something else by mistake. At these moments he would adopt a cheesy DJ pose and declare himself to be 'Slick Dick'.

It stuck, and when we began discussing his broadcasting name with the station controller, Slick Dick was sanctioned as being perfectly acceptable. It's not considered rude at all, which surprises us, but there you go.

As for my on-air name, the station controller was less bothered to pin that down early on. So much so that it got to the first broadcast and we were five minutes away from being on air before realising we needed to decide. I came up with Dorothy Spank as a suitable name to face off Slick Dick (as it were) but I distinctly remember mooting that I should have a different silly name each week.

Sadly, when it came to week two, noone else remembered this, and I was told that Dorothy Spank was it.

So there you go kids, there's a lesson there for us all. If you're deciding on an innuendo laden faux newsreader name, make it a good one as you'll be surprised what sticks...

Anyway, last weekend, when C&C were still here on the last day of their holiday, we had them as guests in the studio and they did a very kind thing and took some photos of us doing our, usually less kind, thing.


Victoria said...

Ha ha......its only taken me a year to figure out how to comment......! I read all your blogs and still chuckle about the toilet one! You both look amazing, Happy New Year. Big Love vic xx

Steve said...

Oooh, can I be a celebrity gossip stringer?


We're still planning a visit... I have a new camera and everything.

Lot's to tell... will send an e-mail

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Steve, I would welcome any contributions, true or otherwise.
And happy new year to you both.
P.S. Vic - you look like you're being molested on your facebook photo. I know what's going on there girl, but Rich didn't, and he was left quite perturbed for your well-being.

ida b. said...

Can't believe you rocketed to radio stardom AFTER I departed. I thought about you the other day when I was reading up on ContinĂșa Rally Dakar 2009 en Argentina. Hope all is well in the heart of Africa. Cheers!