Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jobs for the boys.... and girls

So if anyone is out there reading my (far too infrequent) posts on the trials and tribulations of running a backpackers lodge in Uganda and feels that they could do a job like that, then look no further.

Yes, we are recruiting. One of the Murchison managers has taken up an opportunity she cannot turn down, and her partner will be disappearing within the next few months, so we are looking for a permanent management couple to replace them, starting pretty much whenever if the right candidates apply (but certainly no later than early Autumn).

We are also looking for a temporary pair of hands to help us in Kampala. Because of our colleague's departure, we're losing one of the Managers based in Kampala to the Murchison camp for most of the next 4+ months. So we reckon we've got space for a temp assistant manager, based in Kampala, to help us out from NOW until early October or later in the year. Basically, this place is always about 30-40% busier than the equivalent month last year, so we're busier all the time, and the right candidate could find themselves morphing into something more permanent if this trend continues.

In the meantimes, we're opening up the email for applications now! So if you're interested, or know anyone who is, please email a note to chilli@infocom.co.ug and we're send you more details of the job so you can send us a fuller CV in return.

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