Friday, June 26, 2009

School sign, Masindi

Not sure if I have already posted this before. Apologies if I'm repeating on you. But amidst all the poor taste Wacko Jacko jokes here's a little light relief from Uganda. Schools, mininbuses, grocery stores, tailors, hardware shops - if you operate a physical 'space' in Uganda, you need to get with the mode and have your very own slogan.

Here's my favourite from the road to Murchison.

Closely followed (literally - it's about 40km down the murram track into the park, as you are about to descend the Bunyoro escarpment into the Albertine Rift Valley) by my favourite example of road traffic signs in this country. How's this for a graphic description of what could happen...


Denise said...

Very interesting blog!

Another cancer warrior

Celeste said...

Hi Anne-Marie,
I have just found your blog, and I want you to know that I think you are amazing!!
And your blog is wonderful, I shall read every piece of it with relish (although it may take me a long time).
I am a 34yr old mother of four in Auckland, New Zealand. Studying part time for a PhD, but also somehow longing to pack up my children and come to Africa.

I dream about us coming to a village somewhere, working, learning, getting to know the locals and how they live......

Do you think it would be safe enough?

Looking forward to your next post

Celeste McCracken

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Celeste, safety is relative.
Worse traffic accidents and muggings and the like have happened to me living in a respectable postcode in London than they have out here.
Having said that it got pretty hairy the other week with some riots kicked off by ongoing problems being state and tribal kingdoms, exarcerbated by recent oil discoveries and the scramble to stay in control of the oil-rich areas of the country. Roads were on fire and people were shot.
But it's still all relative. We stayed in our nice green compound in the 'burbs with monkeys and goats and simply didn't go out for two days. Riots over, off we went, and all is back to normal. Can't speak for the long term, and a lot will depend on where in Africa you dream about, but for now, Uganda and Kampala are peaceful once more.