Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Long Awaited Front Page Splash

Some may remember me mentioning the Kampala purveyors of finest tabloid journalistic tat, The Red Pepper, with its lurid front page stories. One of the readers of this blog, who spent some time in Uganda last autumn, even brought up the famous Pastor Kiweweezi 'Bum Sex' scandal, which ran and ran and ran.

R had taken a photo on one of the best front pages from this particular sordid tale, but had not got round to downloading it off his phone yet.

Then we read a recently released book by a very funny writer called Jane Bussmann, The Worst Date Ever. When recently in the UK for all of about two days (enough time for my brother's wedding a little light shopping) I picked it up because I'd heard it mentioned Red Chilli.

It did mention Red Chilli, with equal measures of praise and scorn, which is probably fair, and it had me snorting out my Emirates orange juice with laughter as I read my way through the flight back home. It's less a guide to dating and more an acutely funny take on Uganda's political situation with some extravagantly dark jokes that most people wouldn't dare make about Aids orphans, genocide and the like. But those jokes smuggle in revelations and conclusions that most people working in the business of genocide seem to spend their lives subtly avoid facing up to.

Anyway, in it she discovers (with some delight I might add) the Ugandan slang for a man's penis, whopper, as popularized by the Red Pepper. So we found her email address on her website and emailed her our appreciation of the book along with a copy of this picture, which she says made her day. Unless she's just saying as some sort of anti-stalking device...

She's currently performing at the Edinburgh festival, Bussmann's Holiday, which is, I would imagine, definitely worth the ticket price if you're up that way. I believe the festival finishes next weekend... Crossed fingers for Jane for the Perrier, or Tap Water, or whatever awards are the ones to have these days...

Maybe the Red Pepper could introduce their own awards called "The Best Whopper Award (And We Don't Mean Burger King Either....But We Would Probably Call It Bugger King If We Had To Write A Headline About It)". But maybe they would come up with something a little catchier.


Emma said...

Hi Anne-Marie love your blogs about Uganda. I've tried to find out what it's like to move there and set up shop and yours is the only blog so far that I've found which is on my wavelength.

More please!!

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

I shall continue to be on your wavelength - my game plan is to to remember to stop and check the Red Pepper headlines every day so as not to miss a good'un...

Move here - it's great!
Read Jane's book - it's also great!